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Help us persuade the city to get the fluoride out of Durango’s water

Source: The Durango Herald | June 25th, 2016
Location: United States, Colorado

The fluoride we add to Durango’s water supply, is Hydrofluorosilicic Acid (HFSA) and is not natural by any means. It is the filtered waste gathered from the smoke stacks in the industrial production of fertilizer, containing trace amounts of arsenic, mercury and lead. HFSA is not the pharmaceutical grade fluoride that any studies have ever been performed with, but is a neurotoxic poison that comes in a bag with a scull and crossbones on the label! William Hirzy, senior vice-president of EPA Headquarters Union and an Environmental Protection Agency scientist states “The public water supply should not be used as a means of getting rid of hazardous waste.” We agree.

Children are at the highest risk for this developmental neurotoxin. Arrested brain development, increased levels of attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, decreased IQ levels, autism, learning disabilities and cancer are at epidemic proportions in the U.S. More than one in six children are effected by these conditions.

Is water fluoridation the cause of these unresolved problems? We think so, and so do thousands of doctors, dentists and scientists across the country, who are involved in a nationwide effort to stop this draconian practice.

Save our children by ending water fluoridation in Durango.

By Dr. Jim Forleo, a chiropracter practicing in Durango.

In 36 years of practicing dentistry in water fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities, I have never seen a fluoride deficiency of the teeth! In fact, fluoride is not a part of the tooth structure naturally. However, I have seen many cases of fluoride excess. This is where the teeth are discolored by white or brown spots. These actually make the teeth weaker.

Practicing in multiple communities and hospital settings, I have never been able to distinguish which children (or adults) grew up in a fluoridated community or a non-fluoridated community. The bottom line is: Kids get cavities if they consume sugar products and don’t brush their teeth properly. It is the sugar that causes cavities! Fluoride in the water doesn’t prevent them.

A June 2015 Cochrane review on water fluoridation research said: “There is very little contemporary evidence, meeting the review’s inclusion criteria, that has evaluated the effectiveness of water fluoridation for the prevention of caries (decay).”

Dentists place fluoride in children to prevent cavities. This fluoride is pharmaceutical grade and is very acidic besides being poison if a child swallows a quantity of it. The fluoride in the water is a different chemical, which is contaminated and is a waste product recycled.

If indeed fluoride incorporates into tooth structure, you think that is the only place in the body this highly neurotoxic (affects brain and nerve tissue) and corrosive mineral gets absorbed? Think again!

By Dr. John A. Rothchild, a dentist practicing in Durango.

It is now too obvious that the myth of fluoride as a solution to tooth decay has to be set aside. An enormous body of evidence now points out that the ingestion of this neurotoxin is the root cause of many human health problems.

In addition to fluoride’s role as an endocrine disruptor that is wreaking havoc with our thyroid glands, researchers have connected dental fluorosis, weakened bones and joints, ADHD and the decline of children’s IQ’s among the more prominent health issues that are now linked to this neurotoxin we should not be swallowing.

Today, the top selling drug in this country is one that is trying to repair underactive thyroid glands. I, and others, believe we have a major epidemic; especially among women. Many researchers are pointing to the practice of adding fluoride to our drinking water as a major cause.

While many cities have woken up to the dangers of fluoridation and dropped the practice of drinking this poison, Durango has not done so. Critics of the practice are now asking the City Council to remove it since we are not given the choice to keep it out of our bodies.

You should educate yourselves on this poison. Some excellent sources are:

Mercola.com — Just insert fluoride in its search box. This site provides a lot of worthy resources.

Google search — Fluoride Action Network

Google search — Our Daily Dose and watch an excellent abbreviated version of a longer documentary.

By Bob Lieb, president of Durango Threadworks, Inc. and a former La Plata County commissioner.

To reach the Anti-Fluoride Coalition, call Bob Lieb at (970) 759-5479.