Kendrapara (Orissa) (PTI): High concentration of fluoride has been found in at least two thickly populated blocks of this coastal district of Orissa, according to a government study.

The latest survey by the state directorate of ground water has found fluoride content in water table of Garadapur and Marshaghai blocks in Kendrapara, official sources said today.

The adjoining Mahanga block in Cuttack district is also not free from fluoride.

The contamination in certain pockets of these blocks, could cause flurosis, a fatal and debilitating disease, the sources said.

Intake of fluoride-infected water leads to flurosis as the teeth become fragile and bones turn highly brittle.

“We have conducted laboratory sample investigation of water sources drawn from specific pockets of Garadpur, Marshaghai and neighbouring Mahanga blocks. The findings of the study are alarming,” they said.

The fluoride content in ground water is found beyond the permissible limit conducive for human health, sources said.

As per the yardstick prescribed by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the permissible limit is 1.5 milligram per litre of water.

Besides Kendrapara and Cuttack, the scenario is quite alarming in several blocks of Balangir district, according to the state directorate of groundwater survey with high contamination of the mineral.

Health experts say there is a need for alternative source of drinking water in fluoride-hit areas.