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Hinchinbrook: Fluoridation plans to ‘stay in place’

Source: ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) | August 30th, 2012
Location: Australia

The Member for Hinchinbrook says scrapping the previous government’s plans to fluoridate all Queensland drinking water would be a waste of money.

A number of regional councils have recently attempted to resist the move but Andrew Cripps says unless it can be proved there are safety concerns around the introduction of fluoridated water, councils will have to abide by the legislation.

He says he is pleased the Hinchinbrook Shire Council has recently adopted the plan, despite opposition to the move by local residents.

“It would be a significant waste of money for the State Government to turn around and roll that back and that’s why the current State Government is persisting with the program that was initiated under the previous government and the council has confirmed that with their decision to go ahead with fluoride for the Hinchinbrook Shire,” he said.

“Unless a local council can demonstrate quite clearly that there’s a safety issue in not pursuing the installation of fluoride into the water supply in their local community, those arrangements will stay in place.”