While the science about the benefits of fluoride remains in debate, four simple reasons exist for elimination of the chemical from public water supplies.

  1. We put fluoride in water, intending to build enamel in children’s teeth. But fluoride is a program of mass medication with no dosage control among the recipients. Drinking more glasses of water to stay healthy brings a heavier dosage.
  2. Controversy over fluoride has persisted since it was first put into water supplies in 1945. As opposition has focused on fluoride health side effects vs. the benefits to the human tooth, our board should halt fluoride injections as an exercise of caution.
  3. Fluoridation is legally voluntary, though the water board has no indemnity from suppliers as to the grade and origins of fluoride.
  4. Ending fluoride treatments respects members of the general public who are our customers, leaving decisions about youth dental care to responsible parents.

As early as January the three-member board of the Hixson Utility District will vote on pleadings from customers to halt injecting fluoride into the water of 26,000 customers. The board is requesting public comment at this email portal.