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Honeywell Reduces Metropolis Workforce Due to Nuclear Industry Challenges

Source: WKMS Public Radio (Kentucky) | January 10th, 2017 | By Matt Markgraf
Location: United States, Illinois
Industry type: Nuclear Industry

Honeywell is reducing production capacity and cutting 22 jobs at their Metropolis plant due to ongoing challenges in the nuclear industry.

Honeywell issued a release Tuesday citing international challenges and an oversupply of uranium hexafluoride – or UF6 prompted the reduction. A portion of the plant’s contractor team will also be reduced.

According to Honeywell Director of Global Public Relations Josh Byerly, the cuts include seven union workers, 15 salaried workers and some contractor employees.

The statement said cuts will better position the Honeywell plant moving forward.

Full Statement:

“Due to the significant challenges of the nuclear industry globally and the oversupply of uranium hexafluoride (UF6), Honeywell plans to reduce the production capacity of the Metropolis plant to better align with the demands of nuclear fuel customers.  Because of this, the company intends to reduce its full-time workforce by 22 positions, as well as a portion of the plant’s contractor team.  We are taking this action to better position the plant moving forward. We will continue to operate with a focus on safety, quality, delivery and service.”