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Horicon: Fluoride focus of discussion at public works

Source: Beaver Dam Daily Citizen | July 10th, 2012 | By Megan Sheridan, Staff Reporter

The Public Works Committee had a lengthy discussion Monday evening on a debate that began in Wisconsin in 1950.

Horicon, much like many cities has fluoridated water, and Councilman Matt Wieneke raised concerns of its impact on citizens during non-action discussion.

“It concerns me for the rest of our community, our children at large here if it’s affecting their brain development, and we’re not giving any warnings to nursing mothers,” he said. “When you need a prescription to get it over the counter, I have to question who has the right to inject it into our water supply, this one size fits all medication.”

Wieneke said he understands that there are strong opinions on both sides for fluoridation, but he strongly believes that the topic should be discussed in a larger venue with the council and the community.

“Prepare yourselves for a battle,” said Director of Public Works and Utilities Dave Magnussen said of bringing the topic to the council and public. “Until somebody else steps up behind it, some other agencies, I see it as beneficial in the water works industry.”

The city of Milwaukee recently put to rest a similar debate after an alderman there raised questions about why the city fluoridates its water.

In other committee news, the city hopes to have an open house for the new well in River Bend Park some time in October, bids are out for the Clinton Street project and Dexter Road is slated for repair this summer although only limited details were available.