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Hydrogeochemical studies for Al, F and Fe in waters supplying haemodialysis units in the Trent region, U.K.

Source: Environmental Geochemistry and Health 8(4):83-90. | December 15th, 1988 | Authors: Cameron AP, Ineson PR.
Location: United Kingdom, England
Industry type: Water Treatment


Geographical and seasonal variations in the concentrations of Al, F and Fe in tap water supplying home haemodialysis units within the administrative area of the Trent Regional Health Authority, have been examined. Aluminium and fluoride were considered for their implications in bone disorders and iron for its competitive binding with aluminium to transferrin in serum. Four different water treatment systems are currently used and the extractive performance of these have been assessed. In general, the current Department of Health and Social Security’s (DHSS) guidelines for aluminium in water used to prepare dialysate are met (30 ?g/l), but the proposed European Economic Community’s (EEC) levels of 10 ?g/l, are not. The removal of fluoride and iron from water by the different treatments was comparable to the removal of aluminium. A comparison between old and new equipment highlights the importance of regular monitoring and maintenance.

*Original abstract online at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24214093