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I won’t pay my water bill, says campaigner

Source: Yorkshire Evening Post | February 16th, 2004
Location: United Kingdom, England

ANTI-FLUORIDE campaigner Peter Crampton has vowed he will not pay his water bill – even if it means landing himself in court.

The campaigner plans to continue his fight against the fluoridation of the water supply by having filtration equipment fitted to his water system – and deducting the cost of it from his water bill.

Mr Crampton, of the West Yorkshire Campaign Against Fluoridation, has written to Yorkshire Water chairman John Napier to say he will spend between £ 450 and £ 600 to make sure his water supply has fluoride removed from it.

He says he is going to buy a reverse osmosis filter to remove toxic industrial waste.


Yorkshire Water has warned, however, that if Mr Crampton does not pay his bill he could end up in the county court, and judges may issue an order that the amount of an unpaid bill will be deducted from his wage.

Mr Crampton is a leading West Yorkshire campaigner against plans to introduce fluoride into the water supply, something the Government is debating.

He labels the addition of fluoride into the water supply as illegal mass medication.

He said: This stuff which they misleadingly call fluoride is Hexafluorosilicic Acid, it has never been through safety testing or clinical trials. This is medication without consent and no medical authorisation.

His move in refusing to pay his full water bill is the latest in a series of actions he is taken in his campaign against fluoridation of the water supply.

The Halifax-based campaigner was in Leeds last month to launch the West Yorkshire wing of a national yellow postcard campaign.

The postcards bore a message of protest against fluoridation which Mr Crampton urged people to send to Yorkshire Water.

The yellow card was not just a warning, it was a commitment to action, he said.

Campaigners and the public all over the country are sending yellow postcards seeking assurances that the water companies will not fluoridate and stating that if they do, members of the public will deduct the costs from water bills of appropriate filtration equipment or the purchase of bottled water.

A spokesman for Yorkshire Water said: Putting fluoride into the water system and people refusing to pay their water bills are two different issues.

The normal procedure when people do not pay their water bill is for us to consult with the customer to work with them on how best they can pay their bill if they are unable to pay if, for example, they have lost their job or are on a low income.

If that fails we start legal proceedings which eventually will go to the county court where a judgement will be made.