Two offered opposing views on fluoridating the city’s water supply at an Oneida Common Council public hearing Tuesday night.

“This is an issue that has kind of percolated out there for some time,” said Oneida city mayor Max Smith.

Speaking in favor of fluoridation was local dentist Dr. Samuel Barr. In a 10 minute presentation, Barr moved to dispel what he feels are common misconceptions about fluoride in water.

Among them, Barr said that fluoride is not a medicine and is helpful in prevention of tooth decay.

Barr did said that too much fluoride can discolor teeth, but noted that when typically used in a municipal water supply setting, the amount of fluoride in the water could typically be about .7 parts per million.

Offering opposing views was Oneida city resident Kevin Goggins, who passed out a packet of information to all who attended the meeting.

Goggins feels that more study should be done on how fluoride effects ones health.

Countering the pro-fluoride argument that it is a natural substance, Goggins pointed out that arsenic and lithium are also found in nature, “but that doesn’t mean they are good for you.”

Goggins also called for more public debate on the subject.

The Common Council took no further action on the topic of fluoridation Tuesday night.

In other council action…