In 2021 Colgate will help, inspire and educate 1.65 million children through Colgate’s professional and schools oral health education programmes.

By providing the tools needed to motivate behaviour change, we can get children excited about maintaining their oral health and making it a routine part of their day.

Dental practice programme 2021

Colgate will send Bright Smiles Bright Futures packs to over 10,000 UK dental practices. These will help you to support parents in maintaining their children’s oral health.

The packs will provide engaging activities and product samples including Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection to over 1.1 million children.

We know that as a dental professional, you are key to helping give Britain’s children the best start possible.

Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures around the world

Globally, many children do not have access to basic dental care. They lack the education needed to achieve a healthy smile.

Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures (BSBF) reaches children through free dental screenings and oral health education. Working with governments, schools and communities, Colgate has to date reached more than 1 billion children and their families across 80 countries.

Schools programme 2021

In addition to the dental practice packs, and as part of the wider UK Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures programme, Colgate is also distributing oral health education packs to teachers of 450,000 five to seven year-old children across the UK.

Colgate toothpaste for kids

Colgate maximum cavity protection

  • Sugar acid neutraliser technology powered by arginine to directly fight sugar acids in plaque (Wolff et al, 2013; Santarpia et al, 2013)
  • The only kids toothpaste with advanced cavity protection^
  • Age-appropriate fluoride level: 1,450 ppm.

Colgate Total Kids

  • Contains dual-zinc and arginine for superior biofilm control (Manus et al, 2018; Colgate data on file)*
  • Suitable for independent brushers with mixed dentition
  • Delicate mint flavour to aid compliance
  • 1,450 ppm fluoride.

Where can I find out more?

Visit for more information about Colgate’s Bright Smiles, Bright Futures programme and to download free materials.


#With twice daily use.

^Advanced cavity protection referring to the combination of arginine and fluoride.

*Colgate Total seven to 12 years provides superior in vitro delivery, penetration and retention of zinc through arginine technology for biomass reductions versus zinc control toothpaste.

Manus L, Daep C, Begum-Gafur R, Makwana E, Won B, Yang Y, Huang X, Maloney V, Trivdei H, Wu D and Masters J (2018) Enhanced In Vitro Zinc Bioavailability through Rational Design of a Dual Zinc plus Arginine Dentifrice. J Clin Dent 29(Spec Iss A): A10-9

Santarpia P, Lavender S, Gittins E et al (2013) Submitted for publication in Am J Dent 2013

Wolff M, Corby P, Klaczany G, Santarpia P, Lavender S, Gittins E, Vandeven M, Cummins D and Sullivan R (2013) In vivo effects of a new dentifrice containing 1.5% arginine and 1450 ppm fluoride on plaque metabolism. J Clin Dent 24(Spec Iss A): A45-54

*Original article online at