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Institute of Medicine & National Academy of Sciences fail US

Source: Matthews and Associates, Houston, Texas | May 8th, 2015

The Institute of Medicine Fluoride Smileand National Academy of Sciences have failed the public in the performance of their duties regarding the ongoing poisoning of public water supplies with fluoride. This neurotoxin is dumped into our drinking water in hazardous industrial waste batches that include hydrofluorosilicic acid, sodium fluorosilicate, sodium fluoride and a host of tramp contaminants that include aluminum, barium, lead and more (at no extra charge). Consequently, on April 27, 2015, U.S. IOM/NAS leadership and Food and Nutrition board members were served with formal notification regarding their failure to perform their duties. The letter was signed by Erin Brockovich; Daniel A. Eyink, M.D.; the American Academy of Environmental Medicine; Jean Nordin-Evans; D.D.S., David P. Matthews, J.D.; and Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. See the letter here.

The Letter

The letter serves as a formal notification to IOM and NAS leaders that they have failed in two major respects:

I. Failure to maintain the ‘DRI: Elements’ [Dietary Reference Intakes] table with current and accurate information reflective of the science on fluoride, some of which was provided by Committee on Fluoride in Drinking Water for the 2006 National Research Council.

II. Failure to warn the government and public of the health risks fluoride ingestion poses to the young, elderly, and those with health conditions.

IOM/NAS set Standards for Nation

The letter states:

Given that the IOM DRI table that includes fluoride is used by state Departments of Health, local Boards of Health, and medical professionals as justification for the fluoridation of water supplies which results in uncontrollable doses and ubiquitous contamination of drink and food with fluoride, an inorganic chemical characterized by chemists as a poison and labeled as a neurotoxin in 2012, the continued failure of the IOM to fulfill their ‘aim of helping government to make informed health decisions based on evidence’ will make the IOM and its leadership culpable for damage caused by ingestion of fluoride in food or drink.

Moreover, by allowing the fluoride section in the DRI:Elements table to stand in the most recent 2006 DRI when almost every major point in the 1997 NAS document used to justify the DRI has been since scientifically disproved, the IOM fails to fulfill its ‘mission of asking and answering the nation’s most  pressing questions about health and health care.’

Stop Poisoning our Water

In plainer English, Judge Judy says, “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.” We say, “Don’t poison our water and tell us it’s good for us.” A well-known rat poison, fluoride lowers intelligence, attacks the thyroid, causes cancer, ADHD and more, accumulating in our tissues and bones. There is not one single up side to swallowing it, ever. Even pro fluoride poisoning shills like Steven D. Slott, DDS, know that it makes no sense to ingest fluoride, that it can only work when applied topically. There’s no such thing as a fluoride deficiency. Dental fluorosis is now endemic among adolescents in the very communities that people like Slott pretend to care about. The whole fluoride program is a sham and a colossal failure, except that it has helped hide the fact of just how toxic the industrial waste is which we pay to have dumped into our water.

IOM/NIS Addressees

Ralph J. Cicerone, President NAS
Victor J. Dzau, President IOM
Ann Yaktine, Board Director F&N
Cutberto Garza, Chair F&N
Suzanne Murphy, Chair F&N
Geraldine Kennedo, contact F&N
Cheryl Anderson
Patsy Brannon
Sharon Donovan
Lee-Ann Jaykus
Alice Lichtenstein
Joanne Lupton

James Ntambi
Rafael Perez-Escamilla
A. Catharine Ross
Mary Story
Katherine Tucker
Connie Weaver