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Invercargill: Fluoridation and skate park plan at forefront of submissions to council

Source: The Southland Times | May 7th, 2013 | By Lauren Hayes
Location: New Zealand

Water fluoridation and the proposed skate park redevelopment have dominated the hundreds of submissions to the Invercargill City Council draft annual plan.

The council received 407 submissions on the plan and will hear from 64 of those submitters wanting to speak in support of their views this week.

The council’s water fluoridation scheme was the most controversial item in the draft plan, attracting hundreds opposing its continuation in the city water supply.

Invercargill submitter Margaret Cook questioned the economic logic of fluoridating the entire water supply, when only a small amount would be used for human consumption.

“A relatively small percentage will be used as drink or to prepare food, the rest going on household cleaning, laundry, personal ablutions and irrigation, not to mention washing the car and the boat . . . how cost-effective is this practice?”

She recommended further public consultation on the issue.

Most submitters opposing the continuation of the fluoridation scheme did so for health reasons, but the Southern District Health Board submitted in favour of the plan, labelling it an important public health measure…