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IPACKCHEM introduces 30 litre fluorinated HDPE stackable unit

Source: Packaging News | April 11th, 2019
Location: International
Industry type: Plastics

Note from the Fluoride Action Network:
You may wonder why we include articles like this in our News Tracker. The reason is that we want to track all exposure routes to fluoride. For example, the new product discussed below will release fluoride through its manufacture and also by its disposal if it goes to an incinerator. EC

Replacing traditional steel, tinplate or glass packaging with fluorinated HDPE offers significant technical and commercial benefits including lower transportation weight and reduced potential for container damage and breakage.

The range of containers (6-30L) are specifically aimed at packaging more aggressive chemical and food flavour products, minimising product permeation, migration & container panelling which can occur when using a non-barrier plastic container.

The in-mould fluorination process, which has been successfully operated for over 30 years, substitutes normal compressed air during the blow moulding process for a dilute fluorine in nitrogen mixture. On contact with HDPE a complete chemical reaction occurs which forms a permanent molecular barrier on the inside of the finished container.

With both UN Group II and BRC AA rated packaging certification as standard, the whole range of high performance rigid plastic containers are available from either a direct channel or distributor network.

Manfred Schneller, managing director said: “we have listened to our existing customer base and responded to requests for a larger capacity 30 Litre container. This enables some lower density products to be packaged to a specific product weight”

*Original article online at https://www.packagingnews.co.uk/news/markets/industrial/ipackchem-introduces-30-litre-fluorinated-hdpe-stackable-unit-11-04-2019