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Iran comes 7th in the world of nuclear technology

Source: ISNA - Iranian Students News Agency | May 20th, 2007
Industry type: Nuclear Industry

TEHRAN, May.20 (ISNA)-Deputy of UCF exploitation and education enterprise in Isfahan acknowledged that Iran had obtained the technology to build UCF factories.

Speaking to ISNA at the sideline of the Applied Nuclear Technology fair in Hamedan province, Hamid Reza Mohajerani stated that after the refusal of nuclear countries to cooperate with Iran, the country had reached the stage to build a UCF factory in Isfahan with the help and reliance of Iranian youths.

“Iran is the 7th country to possess nuclear technology in terms of production faculty,” said Mohajerani.

He named “ability to produce Fluorine gas” and achieving the technology in line with uranium enrichment activities as the main gains of the UFC factory construction in Isfahan.