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Is fluoridation safe?

Source: The Kansas City Star | Special to The Star
Posted on November 20th, 2002
Location: United States, Missouri

Is fluoridated water proven safe, beneficial or efficient for Independence?

The compound used in most U.S. cities for fluoridation is fluorosilicic acid. It never has been tested for long-term effects on the human body. As the compound breaks up throughout the water-distribution system, it has proven to leach lead from plumbing joints and increase the acidity of water.

This reaction then necessitates adding more chemicals at the treatment plant to restore acidic balance. The changes that occur after water leaves the plant are impossible to correct!

Fluorosilicic acid is not the fluoride that occurs in nature. Natural fluoride is calcium-flouro-phosphate. Fluorosilicic acid is manmade, collected from smokestack scrubbers at phosphate fertilizer plants and shipped to water suppliers, unprocessed, except for evaporation to achieve 23 percent fluorosilicic acid.

Fluorosilicic acid is not a nutrient and never has been regulated or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In fact, it is highly toxic and corrosive when shipped from the fertilizer plants. Would any sane person scrape his home’s chimney and dispose of the residue by diluting it in his drinking water?

The American Dental Association refuses to recognize the multitude of tests and studies that link even low-level fluoride exposure to dental fluorosis, bone damage, hypothyroidism, genetic alteration and immune-system disorders. Nevertheless, many studies are authoritative enough to cast huge doubt on the safety of using public water as a receptacle for toxic substances such as lead, fluoride or arsenic. (The toxicity of these three chemicals is in the order stated.) When the ADA dentists talk about “adjusting” the natural flouride level, they are really talking about adding an industrial fluoride — a cumulative poison — fluorosilicic acid!

Is this “adjusted” fluoridation at all beneficial? In 1983-84 the Missouri Bureau of Dental Health and researchers at Washington University in St. Louis conducted a survey involving 6,815 lifelong resident second-graders and sixth-graders in Missouri and found, overall that “there were no significant differences between those children drinking optimally fluoridated and those drinking suboptimally fluoridated water.”

This survey also revealed that contemporary regional decay patterns parallel to those of earlier people (400-1700 A.D.), well before anyone ever heard of “adjusted” fluoridation.

The Missouri survey and many other studies prove that the ADA’s claim of 40-percent to 60-percent reduction in dental decay due to fluoridation is totally false. An ADA spokesman, Rick Asa, said in 1989, “We’re probably going to have to revise our numbers.”

For some unknown reason, the ADA has thus far failed to correct its claims.

Would water fluoridation be efficient if it did mitigate dental decay? Less than 1 percent of water sold by Independence actually is ingested. Ninety-nine percent goes into the ground or the waste stream. Only 6.6 percent of the 250,000 Independence water users are 5 or younger. Therefore, only .66 of 1 percent of the fluoridated water produced would be put to the most beneficial use.

The ADA dosage chart shows children younger than 3 should not have any more fluoride than what is already, naturally, in Independence water.

The public water supply, if fluoridated, cannot provide a regulated dosage, nor would it allow for treatment with informed consent.

The people of Independence are pleased with their water, and a majority have rejected fluoridation through many years. Just last year, the Independence Health Department asked 892 people if they wanted more fluoride. Sixty-six percent who answered that question said no.

Independence has the distinction of having one of the best water sources in the nation. The water requires little treatment and contains “no industrial waste.” How can any sane person advocate any “adjustment” to public water that deliberately adds a hazardous waste?