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Is Fluoride Harmful For Health?

Source: Reports Healthcare | November 16th, 2017 | By Klaire Smith

One of the substances that hold a high esteem in the public health organizations for its effects on the dental health but is controversial at the same time is fluoride which is not only found in the water of many countries but many products such as toothpaste as well.

Fluoride was added to the public water supplies in most of the parts of the United States as well as many other countries after popular studies done on its benefits for oral hygiene were conducted and released in the 1960s.

Ever since fluoride has held a constantly changing status and whether or not it should be added to the public water supplies as a dental health product or additive is frequently debated among the people and researchers.

One of the side of the debates claims fluoride to be a fundamental need for the better oral health of the local people.

Many of the public health organizations support this view and argue its addition should be encouraged and continued.

An example of this can be seen on the website of Centre for Disease Control where it states that since the addition of fluoride to water in the 1960s has considerably decreased the cases of dental problems and cavities, it can be cited as one of the greatest health achievements of the 20th century.

Moreover, the American Dental Association along with American Academy of Pediatrics are on the same side as Centre for Disease Control and has supported the addition of fluoride ever since the decision was taken.

Such famous and reliable organizations supporting the addition of fluoride to public water supplies can be pretty convincing, right?

Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. People and organizations which support the other side of the argument, going against the addition of fluoride to the water, have been around since the step was taken back in the 1960s as well.

This is because a good number of studies that show the long-term negative effects of fluoride on the body and many of the bodily processes existed before fluoride started being used as an additive.

Many of the researchers and experts are particularly concerned about the bioaccumulation of fluoride due to a high quantity of it in the food, water, and dental products including the Environmental Protection Agency Union members.

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Because of such urges and dangers of fluoride toxicity, the FDA started to ask dental product manufacturers for a warning along with each item after the April of 1997 that states to contact the nearest poison control center upon ingestion of the toothpaste.

In case you do not know, toothpaste contains nearly 1000 times more fluoride than fluoridated water does.

When fluoride is ingested, it is able to pass both the blood-brain barrier which is there to safeguard the brain and the whole of the nervous system from any potential dangers and invaders. It is also able to pass through the placenta and into the body of an unborn baby.

What are some other effects of fluoride on the body?

Since fluoride now runs in the water pipes and flows in public health supplies, it has also been seen to lead to increased levels lead in the blood. This was confirmed by a study held in 2000 by Dartmouth University published in Neurotoxicology.

Another study held in India looked at the accumulation of fluoride in the brain since it is able to pass the blood-brain barrier in 2014 and showed that increased concentration of amalgamation of fluoride in the brain which in turn was responsible was neurotransmitter malfunction.

This can also cause a number of problems with brain development and intelligence in the children in accordance with Harvard School of Public Health.

Fluoride also affects and stops various enzyme functions and even their productions in the body especially the ones that are fundamental to the normal metabolic energy system.

Latest studies have also linked fluoride consumption with hypothyroidism, increased risk of bone fracture, risks in diabetes, interference in sexual development, and slightly increases the risk of developing cancer.


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