The Isle of Man Medical Society is urging members of Tynwald to support fluoridation of the public water supply.

In a letter to all MHKs and MLCs, Chairman Robert Fayle describes it as an ‘important health promotion and disease prevention measure’, which would help avoid the pain and misery of dental decay.

He goes on to counter arguments against fluoridation by saying it does not have any harmful consequences, adding the substance would replicate a situation which occurs naturally in some places.

In conclusion Mr Fayle recommends members support ‘this simple and safe measure, for the sake of the future health of the children and adults of the Isle of Man’.

Meanwhile, a Dalby resident has petitioned MHKs about the possible dangers of water fluoridation.

Sandy Gorst has bought 24 copies of a book called ‘The Fluoride Deception’ and has given one to each member of the House of Keys.

He says he has many concerns about fluoridation (audio file attached):

The issue of whether or not to fluoridate the Island’s water supply could be debated in Tynwald later this year.