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Issaquah indefinitely postpones decision over fluoridation

Source: Seattle Times | September 11th, 2004

The city of Issaquah has indefinitely postponed a decision on whether to add fluoride to city drinking water.

Some cities, including Seattle, fluoridate their water in an effort to prevent tooth decay.

Nancy Davidson, Issaquah City Council president, said a few residents and dentists broached the topic in late 2003, when the city was considering chlorinating its water. The council utilities committee asked for public comment during a meeting last week.

Bret Heath, the city’s public works operations director, said the council utilities committee heard comments on the issue from about a dozen people.

“Most were against it,” Heath said. Results from an informal poll on the city’s Web site also showed that the majority of 112 respondents didn’t want fluoride in the water.

Heath said people cited possible allergic reactions, negative effects on their health and a lack of information on fluoridation as reasons they want their water kept fluoride-free.

Issaquah gets its water from many places, including Seattle, the Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District and its own wells. For the residents who receive Seattle water, their supply already contains fluoride.

Fred Butler, a member of the utilities committee, said the public will get more opportunities to comment if the issue comes up again.