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It takes ‘no’ to say ‘yes’ to fluoridation

Source: Kearney Hub | October 30th, 2008
Location: United States, Nebraska

KEARNEY — For most Hub territory towns, Nebraska’s new fluoridation law won’t change a thing, but residents of several communities will decide this fall if fluoridation is right for them.

LB245 was approved in April and requires all Nebraska cities and towns with populations of more than 1,000 to fluoridate city water systems. A provision allows communities to vote to opt out of the requirement by 2010.

Kearney, Holdrege and Minden already fluoridate their water.

The issue will be on the ballot in the following Hub Territory towns: Alma, Broken Bow, Cozad, Franklin, Gothenburg, Lexington, Ravenna and Shelton.

Cities that opted out of a law passed in the 1970s requiring fluoride will have to vote again to remain exempt.

On the Ballot

The ballot asks, “Shall the City adopt an ordinance to prohibit the addition of fluoride to the City’s water system? Vote ‘Yes’ to prohibit fluoride from the water system. Vote ‘No’ against the prohibition of fluoride from the water system.”

This means a “yes” vote is against fluoride and a “no” vote is for fluoride.

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