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Ithaca to Vote on Fluoridation in November

Source: The Ithaca Journal | September 12th, 2000 | From Journal Staff Reports
Location: United States, New York

ITHACA — The Tompkins County Board of Health will be asked to take a stand today on the fluoridation of the City of Ithaca’s water supply.

Public Health Director Alice Cole plans to put the question before the eight-member board, which is made up of local physicians; Tompkins County Rep. Charles Evans, R-Dryden; at-large member Rep. Frank Proto, R-Caroline and Danby; and community member Daniel Hargett.

Cole, who has said she is in favor of fluoridated water, cautioned that the board may not take a stand on the issue today. Board members could defer discussion or a decision to their October meeting.

Tompkins County is one of 14 counties in the state without fluoride in local water supplies.

In November 1965, 3,129 of 9,000 registered Ithaca voters voted in the general election to amend the city charter so that Common Council was prohibited from enacting fluoride-related laws.

On Nov. 7, City of Ithaca residents will vote again on two fluoride-related propositions. The first asks whether the city charter should be amended to allow Common Council to enact laws regarding fluoridation of the city’s water supply. The second asks whether a local law should be approved allowing the city’s Board of Public Works to fluoridate the city’s water supply.