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Ithaca votes no to fluoridation

Source: Ithaca Journal | November 9th, 2000 | Editorial
Location: United States, New York


Barring an absentee-ballot miracle, fluoride is dead in the water in Ithaca. Undoubtedly thousands are happy to see this issue laid to rest, but we appreciated the efforts of Mayor Alan Cohen and Common Council members, who allowed city voters to have a long-needed say on the issue.

People voted against fluoridation and two propositions for any number of reasons. Many opponents brought good points and data to the table, but we disagree with Bill Clark, who headed up an anti-fluoridation group and offered this analysis Tuesday night: “I think Ithaca voters have enough sense and intelligence to see through the medical establishment (and) inept public officials.”

Public health leaders, dentists and physicians carried themselves with an honest dignity throughout the months of local debate, as did the city’s elected officials. In the end, it was a matter of choice.

Like so many other “races” this week, it was great that Ithacans had a chance to state their preference on an issue where every vote counted.



(Results from Ithaca Journal — http://www.theithacajournal.com/news/election2000/results.html)

Proposition 2: (Prop 2 asked if Ithaca should repeal an amendment in the City Charter that prohibits fluoridation)

Yes: 2,420

No: 2,716

Proposition 3: (Prop 3 asked residents if Ithaca should begin fluoridating its water)

Yes: 2, 299

No: 3, 026