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Jeff Davison: Calgary mayoral candidate on fluoridation

Source: Calgary Herald | October 8th, 2021
Location: Canada, Alberta

The next city council could be asked to return fluoride to the city’s water supply. What is your position on this?

I have three young children. I know the benefit fluoride provides to them. I will be voting to return fluoride to our water supply.

Occupation: City of Calgary Councillor for Ward 6

Political/volunteer experience: Four years – City Councillor – Ward 6

What is your motivation for seeking a seat on city council?

I want to be the Mayor of Calgary because I see a gap in leadership from other candidates. I want to make sure Calgary’s future is bright and promising for the next generation, including my children.

Describe your leadership style:

I prefer a ‘hot-house’ environment where I bring people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences into the room. I like to hear everyone’s opinions and feedback because it all has value. I formulate a decision based on all of that feedback and what makes the best sense for all Calgarians. I’m always happy to share the credit.

What do you consider the single most important issue facing Calgarians, and what should be done about it?

Our economy. We have been hit with an economic downturn in addition to the effects of COVID-19 and it is taking a toll. The recovery of our economy and our downtown will fuel Calgary’s comeback. We need to revitalize our downtown through transportation, including the Green Line, opportunity and safety. We need to continue to create a downtown that offers jobs, a lifestyle and a vibrancy that make it a place where people want to be. We can do that by attracting new businesses, adding more residential options and building out the Rivers District anchored by our new Event Centre.

Do you support the city’s downtown revitalization strategy? Where should funding and programs be focused?

As one of the councillors and authors of the Calgary Downtown Plan, I fully support it. By committing $200 million to the downtown plan we have been able to encourage more private investment and we are seeing it in residential conversions, relocation of business to underutilized office spaces and a commitment to building the Rivers District anchored by the new Event Centre. We are creating a downtown with everything people want including a safe place to live, work and play.

What innovative project or job creation measure can you propose to aid Calgary’s post-COVID economic recovery?

Besides all that is being done to attract tech companies and tech workers, I see us looking toward the blue economy. That means vertical farming and even fish farming. Calgary has inexpensive energy, a lot of space and a culture of innovation. Some parts of land-locked Alberta are already raising fish sold in local restaurants. As our oceans become depleted, there is a real need to look towards industries that can feed a hungry world. Calgary is poised to become a big part of that solution.

What should city council do to keep young adults from leaving Calgary?

Investment and talent are extremely mobile. We’re competing with the whole world on this issue. Young people are telling me they want to live in a vibrant city with lots of opportunity for employment and lots of things to do. The Downtown Strategy that I am championing will attract tech and other industries to create new jobs. It will also help us build an exciting area through the new Event Centre and other downtown capital projects.

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