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Joanna Blythman: Don’t let this man poison Scotland’s water

Source: The Herald (Scotland) | October 23rd, 2021 | By Joanna Blythman, Columnist

In a recent interview, Westminster. Health. Secretary Sajid Javed made his remarks with the phrase, “I am not a doctor but before making another emphatic announcement on public health.

Why, when politicians are given the role of cabinet, do we expect to laugh at the fact that there is no relevant background experience in their nominated portfolio?

Government employees and advisers should make up for their lack of qualifications for the position, but ministers with a lack of knowledge in their assigned field are easily manipulated.

They adopt a very simple proposal on their plates and rely on consultants who do not represent the breadth of discussion and research on a topic, as they advance the agenda of political and industry lobby groups.   The same is true with Javed’s plan to install fluoridation of blanket water across the UK, a move approved by chief medical officers. Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

The desire to dump this industrial chemical into our drinking water stemmed from the 1950s school of scientific thought that it was an extraordinary initiative that would improve the teeth of poor children.  But independent scientists have shown that this is not the case. That’s why fluoridated tap water is allowed in only 24 countries around the world, and only 2% of tap water in Europe is chemically treated.  What is at stake here?

The fluoride naturally occurring in water is made up of the minerals fluorescein, fluoropatite and chlorite, but the fluoride that Javed wants to flow from our taps is a chemical waste, usually fluorosilic acid.  This substance, a by-product of phosphate fertilizer preparation, is highly corrosive and is thus classified as a hazardous waste.

The Fluoride Action Network, which seeks to raise public awareness of the toxic effects of fluoride and the health effects of fluoride exposure, says there are no available studies on the safety of this toxin in water.  Yet in his report, Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, dismissed all the dangers in one or two paragraphs, explaining his rationale for offloading the substance into our waters.

He acknowledged that there were negative associations between high levels of natural fluoride in drinking water and tooth decay, (fluorosis) and note studies that have been linked to hip fractures, Down syndrome, kidney stones, bladder and bone cancer. Suggest Emphasize that “there is no significant link between water fluoridation and these conditions.”

Rejecting White’s threat has angered toxicologists. Whitty’s casual assessment of the risk relies on isolation reviews conducted in 2000, which mainly examined weak studies from the 1940s and 1950s, as high-quality ones have replaced them. Now an important body of human and animal studies indicates that fluoride is a neurotoxin and an endocrine disruptor.

Currently in the United States, where most tap water contains chemicals, the Environmental Protection Agency is being sued by the Food and Water Watch and other US federal agencies. Deliberate addition of fluoride chemicals to public drinking water is prohibited because it poses a risk to the developing brain.

What worries Professor Howard and other toxicologists in the UK is that Whitty and her chief medical officer colleagues have ignored a high-quality US government-funded study published in 2017 on fluoride. Water levels have been found to affect developing fetuses and babies. Is proposing.

Such effects include low IQ (between 5 and 9 IQ points) and an increase in ADHD symptoms.

“These findings make complete nonsense of CMOs’ claims that health effects are only at a very high level,” says Professor Vyvan Howard.

Another major 2019 study, funded by the US National Institutes of Health, links the doubling of sleep apnea symptoms in adolescents to fluoride levels in drinking water.

The same study found that exposure to fluoridated water reduced kidney and liver function in young people.   The crazy thing is that it is questionable whether fluoridation does what it says on the ton, that is, prevents the teeth from decaying.  In 2015, when Cochrane, a global scientific collaboration that gathers the best evidence from research, reviewed 155 studies on the effects of water fluoridation on carriage prevention, concluded that “insufficient evidence was available. [fluoride] Changes in events or distribution of carriages in socio-economic classes as a result of water treatment programs.

You may be wondering if Vahti and his converted colleagues have also read these studies?

I bet Javed has no clue.  It has been given a script for your health forever and it has hidden this controversial Florida move in the Health and Care Bill.

I don’t know about you but although I can install a reverse osmosis filter to remove fluoride if Javed, Whitty et al get away with it, I don’t see why I should go out to protect my health from dangerous chemicals I don’t need to and I don’t want to.

There are many bright lawyers who will see an opportunity here. When Catherine McColl petitioned the Strathclyde Regional Council to cut off the water supply, the Court of Sessions lasted 201 days from 1980-1982 and became one of the longest and most expensive cases in Scottish legal history.

Another reason here is to make Célebre Crowdfunder, which I would be happy to contribute.

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