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Johnstown-Gloversville end discussion on fluoridation

Source: The Leader-Herald | June 17th, 2017
Location: United States, New York


JOHNSTOWN — The Fulton County Board of Supervisors on Monday endorsed the city of Gloversville’s 2017 Downtown Revitalization Initiative application that seeks a $10 million state grant…

In other business…

The board terminated the Interconnect Cities Water System project, as part of the Smart Waters 2016 capital plan. The proposed water project was one Fulton County has tried to spur between the Glove Cities. The Johnstown City Water Board on April 10 passed a motion to authorize the water department to advise Fulton County that the city of Johnstown “administration” does not intend to proceed with what it called an “intercity connection” project.

The sticking point is fluoridation. Both cities have decided not to pursue the project. Johnstown voters rejected fluoridation for that city decades ago, but Gloversville has fluoridation. County officials have said that for the sake of the county’s Smart Waters initiative projects, the cities must be on the same page with fluoridation.

* Original article titled, County endorses city’s $10M bid, is online at http://www.leaderherald.com/news/local-news/2017/06/county-endorses-citys-10m-bid/