Several dentists and public health workers are attempting, with American Dental Association funding, to gather the 2,000 signatures needed to put the fluoride issue on a ballot in October. While I believe that the citizens of Juneau would step up and vote the right way- to keep our water uncontaminated – as a member of the mayor’s fluoride commission who gave up many nights to research and meet on the issue of fluoridation, it makes me groan to think about going through this again.

Six members of the community, all professionals with many years of higher education, combed through all the available research we could find and hashed through the citations, casting aside conspiracy theories and strictly focusing on science. The mayor’s fluoride commission made a recommendation to the Juneau Assembly after more than two years of study. The Assembly, guided by our research, very sensibly voted to get fluoride out of Juneau’s water. Most of the developed world reached the same conclusion at least a decade ago.

Before signing this petition, please make sure you have studied the research, not just looked at the dogma on an ADA pamphlet. Fluoride is bad for people, especially young children. It is a hazardous waste product. It’s much better to take care of your teeth, and your children’s well-being (including dental health), by eating whole foods (not processed junk) and brushing or at least rinsing after every meal or snack.