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Kalamazoo City Commission approves purchase of fluoride for water supply

Source: WIN 98.5 (Battle Creek) | February 2nd, 2016 | By John McNeill
Location: United States, Michigan

Kalamazoo city commissioners have approved the purchase of fluoride for the municipal water system, which is mixed with tapwater to fight dental decay.

It was done over the objection of several residents who think the chemical is a toxin.

They told the body that Internet research tells them it’s not safe or wise to expose them to fluoride against their wishes. But Kalamazoo County Health Director Gillian Stoltman said experts and agencies, like the American Dental Association¬†and the Michigan Dental Association, endorse the fluorination of water.

Commissioner Shannon Sykes said she heard a lot about fluoride while canvassing homes during the last election, and most city residents want it.

“They would be very upset with us if we chose to remove the fluoride from our water,” Sykes said.

Commissioners voted unanimously to purchase a year’s supply of the additive, but say they’re always open to more conversation on the subject.