The health of Kapiti people is at risk, anti fluoridation campaigner Peter Daniel says.

Mr. Daniel, a former councillor, who addressed a council meeting on Thursday, said the mental and physical well being of Kapiti people had been “seriously compromised”.

After reading hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies he had concluded “nothing in the human body benefited from fluoride and that almost all our internal organs, our bones and our teeth were at great risk from fluoride and that the effects were cumulative.

“If you choose to carry on with fluoridation of Kapiti’s own people then in the eyes of the law you are responsible for the cumulative poisoning of your own people”.

But it was “never too late” and he hoped the council could show “real leadership on this issue, making the decision to shut off the taps delivering this extremely corrosive toxin into people’s mouths and through their skin which is sightly less poisonous than arsenic and more poisonous than lead”.

He felt fluoridation was a “crime against humanity”.

“You councillors have an amazing opportunity to do something for your community that I failed to do during my triennium – stop fluoridation”.

Mr Daniel said a convincing graph of “the terrible teeth of unfluoridated Paekakariki children shown by Ministry of Health at the hearings several years ago was proven to be a total red herring.

“I have a friend who has two children raised in Paekakariki and at age 16 and 18 have still never needed a dental appointment.”

Fluoridation was driven by government agencies and had nothing to do with health, he said.

“It is their policy to promote fluoridation and nothing will detract them from this dogged fancy-dressed parroted old cliche policy – it’s safe and effective – nothing could be further from the truth.”

He noted no one from a dental or governmental organisation was prepared to enter a debate with fluoridation world expert Paul Connett who had just completed a second tour of New Zealand.

“They knew they could not argue with this massive amount of peer reviewed scientific evidence proving beyond doubt the dangers of fluoridation.”

Mr Daniel said there are “big moves” throughout the world to stop fluoridation.

“City after city, town after town, are turning off the fluoride taps.”

Kapiti mayor Jenny Rowan told Mr Daniel he had her “support on the matter”.

Cr Mike Cardiff hoped council could “revisit” the issue.

Kapiti Coast District Council adds fluoride to the central part of the district’s drinking water.