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Kingsville Votes Against Fluoride

Source: Blackburn News | April 28th, 2015 | By Jason Viau
Location: Canada, Ontario

The Town of Kingsville has joined the growing number of municipalities against fluoridating its water as the province considers making it mandatory.

Kingsville Council passed a motion Monday night reaffirming its stance saying it will continue to be fluoride free.

Former deputy mayor and Kingsville resident Tamara Stomp asked council for its support because she says the town has never fluoridated its water and shouldn’t start now. “There is concern that too much fluoride causes fluorosis,” says Stomp. “In trying to make teeth better for some people in the population who are susceptible to that condition, it makes it a lot worse (for others) — it makes them sick.”

Stomp says she is still strongly against fluoride in drinking water even though Health Canada and the World Health Organization call it safe. “There are independent studies that tell them differently and I’m concerned why they would come to that conclusion because we had people advertise in the early part of the century that smoking was safe,” says Stomp. “We have a lot of advertisements that say that many things are safe when nobody is really thinking.”

Windsor, LaSalle and Tecumseh took fluoride out of its water system in March 2013.