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Lake Cowichan: Fluoridation vote this fall at the Lake

Source: Canada.com | The Citizen
Posted on February 4th, 2011

Lake Cowichan residents will get to cast the deciding vote in a referendum this fall on whether or not to fluoridate the municipal water system.

The Town of Lake Cowichan has been adding fluoride to the system for decades and there have been many discussions over the years on whether or not the practice should continue.

“For the last six months we’ve had this issue come up at our public meetings. It just makes sense to have it with the election,” said Mayor Ross Forrest last week at town council.

Coun. Tim McGonigle agreed.

“We thought it prudent that the public should have the opportunity to state whether we should continue to medicate the water supply. I say medicate because fluoride is, in my opinion, a medication.”

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