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Lancaster fluoridation debate may go to voters

Source: Lancaster Eagle Gazette | Eagle-Gazette Staff
Posted on May 11th, 2004
Location: United States, Ohio

LANCASTER — Two city councilmen objected Monday to the way the city was handling the issue of putting fluoride into the city water supply.

The first reading of legislation that would let voters decide the issue Nov. 2 was held Monday night.

Councilman Rudy Touvell (D-6th Ward) said that when the issue was brought before City Council in January, he believed the supporters of fluoride were going to get the petition signatures themselves.

“They aren’t doing the work, we are,” Touvell said. “By us putting it on the ballot, this means the council supports it.”

King Street resident Bruce Rayburn started the discussion when he took time during the public portion of debate to say he didn’t understand why City Council was putting the issue on the ballot.

“I don’t know why Council doesn’t make the people who support this issue go out and get the required signatures to get it on the ballot,” Rayburn said.

In January, Lancaster City Council voted 5-4 against fluoridation.

At that time, councilmen such as Wayne Roller (R-1st Ward) said they would support a measure to get it on the ballot and let the voters decide the issue.

However, on Monday night, just the issue of putting it on the November ballot created debate in City Council.

“I won’t support it because they didn’t do the legwork,” said Councilman John Zekas (R-2nd).

The issue will be read at two more meetings before a final vote is held in June.