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Latest from the “Yellow Card” Campaign

Source: The Huddersfield Daily Examiner | February 10th, 2004
Location: United Kingdom, England

CAMPAIGNERS fighting water fluoridation are coming to Huddersfield on Saturday .

Members of the West Yorkshire Campaign Against Fluoridation (WYCAF) will be supporting the `Yellow Card’ campaign at The Piazza Shopping Centre all day, giving out information leaflets and asking people to sign a petition against fluoridation.

Yellow Card is a campaign run by the National Pure Water Association and the Green Party.

It was started last November, after Parliament gave health authorities powers to order water companies to fluoridate their supplies.

Those in favour of adding fluoride to water, including the British Dental Association, say it will cut child tooth decay by 15%.

Those against fear it could cause brittle bones, discoloured teeth and even cause cancer.

They also say fluoridating water supplies takes away an individual’s choice.

Jane Jones, of the NPWA, said the campaign was showing a `yellow card’ warning to water companies that customers were unhappy.

She said: “Customers do not want fluoridation and they are prepared to take action against it.”

Peter Crampton, of WYCAF, said the group will be targeting Yorkshire Water as part of the campaign. Protestors are writing to the company, asking for assurances water supplies will not be fluoridated.

Mr Crampton said: “I am being threatened with enforced medication. Water companies have a duty to provide customers with a wholesome product.”

Yorkshire Water has no current plans to fluoridate supplies.

But if they do, Mr Crampton said customers will take action.

Many have pledged to only pay what is left of their bill, after costs of de-fluoridation equipment or buying bottled water have been deducted.

Mr Crampton said: “Should Yorkshire Water fluoridate, I will be installing an adequate system to take this stuff out to protect my family.”