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Lawrenceburg: Board votes to remove fluoride from Lawrenceburg water supply

Source: Lawrenceburg NOW | October 20th, 2011

Members of the board of directors for the Lawrenceburg Utility Systems voted unanimously Thursday evening to discontinue the practice of adding fluoride to the local water supply.

Board members have discussed the matter during recent meetings. Utility systems near and far have opted recently to take this same action. Leaders in Waynesboro, Hohenwald and Spring Hill have recently made the same decision.

The practice of adding fluoride to public water systems began in 1945 in order to help prevent tooth decay. Since fluoride is now available through different sources, such as toothpaste and rinses, many governments have opted to discontinue the practice.

During Thursday’s meeting, board members considered a letter of recommendation submitted by State Representative Joey Hensley, M.D. Hensley recommended that the practice be discontinued.

With one board member absent, representatives voted unanimously to make the change. It is expected to result in a cost savings to the water department of approximately $22,000 per year.