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Leaders speak out over fluoride concerns in Battlefield

Source: KY3 (Springfield) | February 22nd, 2017 | By Jasmine Dell
Location: United States, Missouri
Industry type: Delta Dental

The water district in Battlefield, Missouri will soon stop adding fluoride to its water and some dentists think that’s a bad idea.

Doctor Marlene Feisthamel, the only dentist in Battlefield, said multiple grant offers have been offered to the board to provide fluoride in the water.

Even though the board said it wanted to save money by cutting it out.

She believes fluoride should still be added to the water.

“As a consumer of the public water supply district water I want fluoride in my water, Feisthamel said. “And I want these school kids to have fluoride, I want these little kids to have fluoride in their teeth. I’ve seen what it can do and I’ve seen when they don’t have it, and it’s better to have it.”

The President of the Greater Springfield Dental Society said the reason for taking the fluoride out of the water isn’t good enough.

“We offered money thinking the money would be an incentive to continue with the fluoridation and he clearly said that was not the issue,” Endodontist Dr. Lisa Castleman said. “So, we are still moving forward with asking Delta Dental of Missouri with money so that will still be there if they change their mind, and we hope they do.”

The Chairman of the Public Water Supply District for Battlefield said the board wants to get rid of the fluoride because it can corrode the water pipes.

He also said the money can be better used on projects other than fluoridation.

If the water board moves ahead with its decision, fluoride treatment for Battlefield will end in May.

Other local towns, including Ozark, also do not add fluoride to the water.

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