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Leading Cancer Researcher Opposes Water Fluoridation

Source: National Pure Water Association | June 3rd, 2003
Location: United Kingdom, England

Dr Sam Epstein, Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, author of “The Politics of Cancer”, and “The Politics of Cancer Revisited”, strongly supports MP John Butterfill’s Early Day Motion 1258, on FLUORIDATION OF PUBLIC WATER SUPPLIES 20.05.03, which states:

“That this House considers that the only chemicals which should be added to public water are those which are essential for its purification for public consumption; believes that the addition of medicines to public water supplies is a breach of fundamental human rights; and rejects any proposals to amend legislation to permit the addition of fluoride to public water supplies.”

On 29 May 2003, Professor Epstein wrote:

“Fluoridation of water reflects high receptivity to the fluoride industry, and indifference with significant public health penalties to the U.K. population. I should further note that some 100 leading national and international cancer prevention scientists, and representatives of consumer and environmental organizations have endorsed the Cancer Prevention Coalition’s opposition to fluoride in its The Stop Cancer Before It Starts Campaign Report.

“I strongly support EDM 1258 opposing fluoridation of water. Fluoride used for this purpose comes from highly contaminated industrial grade fluorosilicic wastes; contaminants include heavy metals. Furthermore, there is significant experimental evidence that fluoride induces a dose-related incidence of bone cancer in rats. This is further supported by epidemiological studies incriminating fluoride and bone cancer in young men.

“The imposition of fluoridation on the U.K. public presents a significant public health hazard. It should further be stressed that simple filtration will not remove fluoride. Expensive reverse osmosis units are required for this purpose. This would impose undue economic burden among lower socioeconomic groups, as also would the alternative of purchasing bottled water.”It should further be noted that fluoride is currently added to the water supply of about 60% of the U.S. population. This is in sharp contrast to only 2% of the European population, which has much lower rates of dental caries.”

Samuel S. Epstein, M.D.
Professor emeritus Environmental and Occupational Medicine
University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health, and
Chairman, Cancer Prevention Coalition.
+44 312 996-2297 ·
epstein@uic.edu, www.preventcancer.com


Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., D.Path., D.T.M&H, is an internationally recognized authority on the mechanisms of carcinogenesis, the causes and prevention of cancer, and the toxic and carcinogenic effects of environmental pollutants in air, water, soil and the workplace, and of ingredients and contaminants in consumer products-food, cosmetics and toiletries and household products. He has published some 260 peer reviewed scientific articles, and has authored or co-authored eleven books.