The Attorney General is to investigate allegations that information in an official pro-fluoridation leaflet being sent out to the public, is in breach of the law.

The claim is made in a letter to the Chief Constable from a well-known campaigner on green issues, who has also called for the arrest of two senior health officials in the Island.

In his letter, Graham Joughin cites a section of the Medicines Act 2003 which deals with misleading descriptions.

According to Mr Joughin, the Act forbids any leaflet which may mislead as to the nature, quality or effects of the medicinal product it describes.

The leaflet outlines what the DHSS believes are the benefits of water fluoriodation but, drawing on material on the ‘save our water’ website, Mr Joughin says it makes a number of claims prohibited by the legislation.

He is calling on the Chief Constable to question the senior public health officials responsible for the leaflet, over these alleged breaches of the the law.

Mr Joughin has had a reply from Deputy Chief Constable Gary Roberts, who has asked the Attorney General to determine whether there are grounds to investigate.