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Leon Valley ponders fluoridation

Source: San Antonio Express-News | April 15th, 2022 | By David DeKunder, Staff Writer
Location: United States, Texas

Residents weigh in on pros, cons; council takes no immediate action

More than 90 percent of Bexar County residents have access to drinking water with fluoride. Leon Valley is one of the few providers in the area that does not put it in the water supply.

But despite the traditional suspicion of fluoridation, there’s at least some support for doing so there, according to a recent survey.

Leon Valley mailed the survey to 2,957 addresses last year. It got 225 responses, nearly 8 percent, with 153 in favor and 71 opposed; one respondent was uncertain.

Leon Valley has more than 11,000 residents; about 3,000 users get their water from the city…

Leon Valley residents, for and against the idea, spoke during the April 5 City Council meeting…

Resident Cassie Rowse worries about the effect it could have on people with kidney problems, such as her mother, and those with bone problems.

“My mom is one of those people who has to buy her water any time she goes someplace where they fluoridate the water because it will put her in the hospital if she drinks it,” Rowse said…

If Leon Valley were to go forward in adding fluoride to its water, the initial cost would be $386,410… The annual cost would be $51,210….

[Resident] Bolton said neither of her two children has ever had a cavity drinking Leon Valley water…

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