As the citizens of Lethbridge prepare to elect the next city council this fall, the fluoridation debate becomes ever more relevant and heated. In an effort to raise awareness, educate and encourage citizens to participate in this debate, many around Lethbridge have put out lawn signs pointing out the obvious and offensive fallacies of water fluoridation. Pro-fluoride advocates have taken action against these signs in a manner that is pointedly congruent with the practice of fluoridation itself, ripping signs off private properties, stealing or destroying them.

Such actions highlight the very essence of the debate – freedom of choice. Just as every individual should have the right to express their views, every individual should have the right to refuse this practice of forced medication. Ripping signs off private property and destroying them because they do not agree with one’s perspective is all too similar to contaminating the entire city water supply with poison (falsely labelled as medicine) because a select few individuals holding power desire to brutally force their corrupt agenda and out-dated ideas on others.

Most of the industrialized world abandoned or dismissed this absurd pseudo-scientific practice decades ago along with DDT, mercury, lead, thalidomide and asbestos usage. My father-in-law, a senior academic in Japan, who is currently visiting Lethbridge, is incredulous that we still have this practice of dumping toxic industrial waste products into our water. He commented he may expect such in a developing nation, but not Canada.

With this election, may there be an end to tyranny, an end to the brutal and ignorant practice of fluoridation, the forced poisoning of our population.