Fluoride Action Network

Letter: Accountability needed from water and health authorities on fluoridation

Source: The Echo (free paper to towns on Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast) | November 16th, 2007
Location: Australia

The science showing fluoridation to be neither safe nor useful cannot be dismissed in the cavalier manner of Stephen Vaughan, chairman of Barwon Water (Geelong Advertiser 26/10).

Vaughan labelled opposition as a guerrilla campaign of misinformation and scaremongering when asked about the Geelong fluoride forum of 25/10. He did not attend and apparently offers no science to disprove the published links between fluoride intake and health problems with thyroid gland, nervous system and bones.

We find it disappointing that Mr Vaughan, as a doctor has failed to mention the link to bone cancer in teenage boys in the Bassin study from Harvard (2006).

Having heard presentations on fluoride by Professor Paul Connett, we affirm that nobody could claim his material is anything but serious and scientific.

The people and elected representatives of Geelong, Warrnambool and Ballarat have every reason to demand proper accountability of their water and health authorities, since this is an issue that can affect the biology of every man, woman and child. There is no real way of affected individuals opting out should authorities have their way and enforce fluoridation.

Signed by:

Dr Andrew Harms, past president Australian Dental Association (S.A. Branch)

Dr Doug Everingham, Federal Minister for Health 1972-75

Dr Natalie Ryan, Warrnambool GP

Dr Brendan Kay, Warrnambool GP

Dr Alan Baldam, Warrnambool GP

David McRae, organiser of Geelong’s Fluoride Forum (25/10)