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Spokane. Benefits of fluoridated water (Letter)

Source: The Spokesman-Review | By Kimberly R. Craven, DDS
Posted on August 25th, 2020

The Spokane City Council has a wonderful opportunity to provide fluoridated water to our community by passing an emergency ordinance for water fluoridation.

As a practicing dentist and mother, I have seen firsthand the benefits of fluoride on dental health. My patients who had access to fluoridated water as children have fewer dental problems and experience better overall health. To give my own children those same benefits, I make sure they take their daily fluoride supplement.

I speak from personal experience and the low compliance among my patients, that it takes effort to take the supplements as recommended. It is easy for those who do not support fluoride to suggest that families “could just take fluoride supplements.” I challenge them to implement this habit into their children’s daily routine. It is hard enough to get children to brush and floss daily!

For families struggling to just get by, filling fluoride prescriptions and taking it as recommended by the American Dental Association is just another task on an already full plate. Giving children access to fluoridated water is proven benefit to strengthen their teeth and set the stage for lasting oral health.

I implore the City Council to pass this ordinance and give all people the opportunity to have stronger healthier mouths.

Kimberly R. Craven, DDS

*Original letter online at https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2020/aug/25/benefits-fluoridated-water/

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