I read Licia Corbella’s opinion on fluoride in the Wednesday Sun and agree with her position. With the U of C report coming out, it will be wasting more of our tax dollars with council debating it once again. As stated, in 2011 it was going to cost $6 million just to upgrade the system and $750,000 annually to operate — I can only imagine what the cost would be now. So what portion of fluoridated water actually benefits anyone? I suspect this would be less than a fraction of a percentage point. The majority of water we use doesn’t pass over our teeth, but goes down the drain, our bath/showers, laundry, etc. Further, add the cost of treating the wastewater for fluoride contamination, as fluoridated water cannot be dumped into the environment. So the pro-fluoride supporters will be sabre-rattling to promote fluoride, so with that, and if you are so pro-fluoride, why are not buying fluoride yourself? I guess it’s too inconvenient, so let’s make everyone pay. I use fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash, and that’s my choice, but I do not want it in my water.
(Life is about making personal choices right for you.)

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