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Letter: CDC vs. CDC [hip fracture fatalities]

Source: North County Times | San Marcos
Posted on October 15th, 2009
Industry type: CDC

According to Centers for Disease Control publications ( Stevens, Inj Prev. 2006 Oct;12(5):290 ), the United States is experiencing an astounding third of a million hip fracture fatalities yearly in citizens, where bones don’t heal during convalescence, which itself also costs billions. The Irish Osteoporosis Society reports similar data (www.fluoridealert.org). And yet both these countries continue the mistaken practice of treating people with diluted hazardous waste fluosilicic acid in public water supplies.

CDC’s Oral Health Division officials are mostly from and influenced by the American Dental Association, which also maintains permanent Washington offices spending millions yearly lobbying Congress ( http://www2.www.fluoridealert.org/Alert/United-States/National/Health-Care-Players-American-Dental-Association ).

OHD claims fluosilicic acid in drinking water is harmless to man and animals (even high-volume-drinking racehorses), though it enters the blood and sticks permanently to bone, accumulating over a lifetime (National Research Council, 2006). There are no controlled clinical trials to back up OHD’s beliefs, and no one’s measuring bone fluoride levels in either human hip fracture or racehorse leg bone fatalities to see whether fluoride is responsible, or contributing to the problems.

OHD does much harm to our nation’s rivers and water supplies. Please write to it and Mayor Jerry Sanders, who accepted $5 million to fluoridate San Diego in May.