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Letter: Fluoridation moratorium

Source: The Press | September 4th, 2019 | By Mary Byrne, Fluoride Free New Zealand
Location: New Zealand

A bombshell study, published in the American Medical Association’s journal, JAMA Pediatrics, found that children born to mothers exposed to fluoridated water had lower IQs than children whose mothers weren’t.

‘‘The effects of this study are comparable to the effects of lead, and if these findings are true there should be as much concern about prenatal fluoride exposure [as about prenatal lead exposure],’’ editor Dimitri Christakis told The Daily Beast. Christakis advised that pregnant women avoid fluoridated water.

His co-host, Fred Rivera, editor of JAMA Network Open, added, ‘‘this study is really concerning’’.

However, the NZ Supreme Court ruled last year that ‘‘people who live or work in areas where fluoridation occurs have no practical option but to ingest the fluoride added t

o the water. So the treatment is compulsory.’’ Pregnant woman cannot really avoid fluoridated water.

This is the highest quality study ever done with people exposed to fluoridated water. NZ is one of only seven countries with more than 50 per cent of the population supplied fluoridated water. We were the last country to stop using dioxin-laden 245T and we kept lead in petrol longer than all other Western countries.

We don’t have to make the same mistakes. Fluoridation is outdated, unscientific, immoral and irresponsible. A moratorium is essential.

Mary Byrne, Fluoride Free New Zealand

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