I have enormous respect for Dr. Hardy Limeback. I think he’s a national treasure. I lived in Alliston from 1967-71 and graduated from Banting High. My father passed away in Stevenson under the compassionate care of my former classmates. I have had an emotional reaction to what is going on with the fluoride debate.

I was one of the guinea pig children born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, exposed without my parents’ informed consent to the first artificial fluoridation experiment 1947-1955 using the same industrial waste silicofluoride chemicals added by New Tecumseth in Tottenham.

But our early dental and physical health statistics were significantly worse than controls. Our cohort study, meant to be followed for 16 years, was hastily terminated and fluoridation called a success.

The fluoridation of Tottenham is based on fraud, committed on the bodies of a few hundred innocent children like me and my siblings. As a result of that early chronic fluoride overdose, I have damaged bones, kidneys and thyroid – but still had cavities and malocclusion.

My mother, now 88, was born and raised in Grand Rapids before fluoridation and still has all 32 perfect, straight teeth. Good nutrition, not fluoridated water, prevents childhood dental disease and ensures good dental health for life.

My three children and my nieces and nephews have dental fluorosis and thyroid problems. The child with the worst dental fluorosis has also had the most cavities.

Fluoride accumulates in the bones and is downloaded from mother into the developing fetus, which means that babies born to mothers raised on fluoridated water start life with greatly reduced ability to handle fluoride toxicity. The escalating rate of objectionable dental fluorosis in today’s second and third generations of fluoridated children is proof of this.

Public health officials state that this is “a suitable trade-off.” Suitable to whom? And to quote Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei, According to what? Not to the victims whose teeth are irreversibly scarred or the parents who pay the dental bills. I am grieved for them and very angry that officials like Drs. Charles Gardner and Dick Ito continue to deny that dental fluorosis is harm, deny fluoride toxicity, deny that infants are severely overdosed, and deny that drinking diluted dirty scrubber waste with arsenic could possibly be bad for our health.

I am furious that they are pressuring council to continue to impose fluoride toxicity risk on everyone “for their own good” regardless of whether 49 per cent of voters do not consent.

I do not understand this illogical decision to put regional fluoridation to a ballot question after council has already voted to end it for Tottenham. You can be sure the ballot question will not be fair and truthful.

So, I want the council to answer why they think a decision made by a small percentage of misinformed or disinterested voters with no legal responsibility to perform due diligence, no expertise in drinking water safety, and no accountability for fluoridation health effects on people like me and my children, is an acceptable way to legitimize mass medication when a majority decision has been made by informed councillors having done due diligence as required by the Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act shows that most councillors have already been convinced that mass medication of New Tecumseth residents with industrial waste fluoride in drinking water is not legitimate at all.

Aliss Terpstra,
Certified Nutritional Practitioner