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Letter: Fluoridation of water

Source: Namoi Valley Independent | December 4th, 2017 | By Merilyn Haines, Chair, Fluoride Action Network Australia Inc.
Location: Australia

The Australian Dental Association is entitled to its opinion on fluoridation, but when it recommends fluoridation, what the ADA wants is for Councillors to force fluoride on their community. No dentist or doctor should ever force a medication or a treatment on a single patient, yet fluoridation is both mass medication and attempted treatment of a whole community through the water supply.

In 2006, Robert- Boyd Boland, CEO of the ADA, wrote denying the ADA had any liability for fluoridation, stating fluoridation was a matter for councils.

Currently a recommendation from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is being used by some in NSW Health to try to force fluoridation on additional NSW councils.  Our association has analysed the NHMRC’s recent fluoride review and has found it extremely biased and verging on fraudulent – commencing with the NHMRC stacking the fluoride review committee 2/3 full with known fluoridation supporters or lobbyists.

There are now at least 50 human studies linking fluoride to lowered IQ, but the NHMRC dismissed all evidence of neurotoxicity based on a single low- quality NZ study which did not even have the scientific power to determine if fluoride could reduce IQ. The NHMRC also ignored a 2012 fluoride–IQ meta-analysis published by Harvard University researchers.

Despite a large 2015 UK study linking fluoride in water to higher rates of hypothyroidism, the NHMRC denies that fluoride interferes with thyroid function  The NHMRC also excluded a valid study linking USA water fluoridation to higher rates of medically diagnosed ADHD. The NHMRC’s final report did not even acknowledge the existence of this ADHD study.

A 2006 study linked water fluoridation to higher rates of Osteosarcoma bone cancer in boys, this study still stands, it is unrefuted, however the NHMRC claims there is no link between water fluoridation and cancer. There are many more criticisms of the NHMRC’s review – these can be provided on request.

It should be noted that most countries that are members of the World Health Organisation (WHO) do not fluoridate water, yet WHO child dental data shows that unfluoridated countries have no more tooth decay than fluoridated countries. A number of European countries have issued statements why they don’t fluoridate water, a significant reason – unethical mass medication.

We urge community members, before the 8th Dec, to visit Councils “Have Your Say” page at http://www.gunnedahfluoride.com.au/have_your_say.php so that they can have their say about fluoridation.

With the ever increasing evidence of fluoride’s neurotoxicity, particularly with a very recent study linking in-utero fluoride exposure to lowered IQ in children, we urge Councillors and the community to adopt the Precautionary Principle – when there’s doubt – keep fluoride out! Realise too, that under NSW law, if a NSW Council begins fluoridation, it can never stop.

All references supplied on request to contact@fluoridealertaustralia.org or Mob 0418 777 112

Merilyn Haines, Fluoride Action Network Australia Inc chair

*Original letter online at http://www.nvi.com.au/story/5098163/your-say-letters-to-the-editor/