Fluoride Action Network

Rockport. Letter: Fluoride presenter welcomes challengers

Source: Gloucester Daily Times | August 16th, 2014 | By Karen Tysver (Rockport)

To the editor:

It’s interesting that, in his letter (the Times, Wednesday, Aug. 13) Arthur Thomas chastised Paul Connett, PhD.. for not having the credentials to talk about the effects of fluoride on the body, yet Mr. Thomas feels that a dentist does possess those credentials.

A dentist specializes in teeth. Dr. Connett, a bio-chemist and toxicologist, does in fact understand how chemicals in our environment, toxins such as fluoride, affect our biology.

He is a biochemist. A dentist says that they have seen the decline in tooth decay since adding fluoride to the water, it is safe and effective. But, what do they know about fluoride’s effects on the brain, or the kidneys, or the endocrine system?

Dr. Connett has the answers to these questions. Dr. Connett’s question-and-answer period during his recent presentation in Rockport was almost as long as his lecture, and pro-fluoridationists had ample time to challenge his credentials and science. No one did. Every dentist, medical doctor, and health professional on Cape Ann was invited to attend these forums with a personal invitation via traditional mail and email.

The Better Oral Health for Massachusetts Coalition was invited. Tufts University Dental School professors were invited. And Dr. Connett has graciously offered to return to debate anyone they wish him to debate. The ADA can send the best and brightest.

But, they will not. That, I believe, is because they don’t have the science to back up their claims that fluoride is safe or effective.

The CDC stated in 2000 that the effects of fluoride on the teeth are topical and not systemic. Toothpaste will do the job.

Of the top seven countries with the best oral health (World Health Organization report, 2012), six do not fluoridate their water, one fluoridates at 11 percent of its population.

The U.S. fluoridates for 70 percent and ranks 12th in oral health.

The Cape Ann Fluoride Action Network was not started by Dr. Connett, as Mr. Thomas indicated. It is a local independent grass roots group.