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Letter from Dr. Dickson: Bring it on

Source: Calgary Herald | Calgary
Posted on March 19th, 2011
Location: Canada, Alberta

Re: “Only independent inquiry will solve health crisis,” David Swann, Opinion, March 14.

Dr. David Swann has nailed this one. Though Alberta Health has made an effort over the past few years to support family physicians like myself through economically challenging times, the overall management of the system has been sadly incompetent. The saga of my friend and colleague, Dr. Anne Fanning, is a classic example of the system inculcating an insidious atmosphere of fear and intimidation, and has driven professional morale to all-time lows. Family physicians are leaving for the private sector or abandoning the profession entirely.

The dental system in our province provides a fine example of a path not to walk. Many dentists are intimidated and fearful to speak out on issues such as mercury in our mouths and the toxic waste fluoridation products in our water. We do not want to follow similar patterns in our public health-care system.

A full and independent inquiry is the first and most important of many steps, as Swann outlined, required to get our ailing system healthy once again.

Robert C. Dickson, MD, Calgary