Fluoride Action Network

Letter: Get fluoride out of Rockport’s water

Source: Gloucester Daily Times | June 26th, 2014 | By Joanne Wile

To the editor:

Stop adding extra fluoride to the drinking water now!

The Cape Ann Fluoride Action Network members met this week with the Rockport Board of Selectmen, and I gave the selectmen a copy of the petition we were hoping to present at September’s Fall Town Meeting.

Although the town clerk, who I sincerely thank for helping me on this project, tried to get proper wording for the article from the town attorney through the town administrator, the town administrator would not help us — probably because I was not from a town department.

So, we used the original wording of the 1958 town meeting article and added the word “discontinue”.

It seems the petition article may be denied because of the wording plus the only ones who can present such an article is the Board of Health. Therefore, we the public, have to prove to the Board of Health what public opinion is regarding the fluoride supplement, remembering that the fluoride supplement is made with smokestack scrubbings from fertilizer and aluminum factories in India.

We, the grassroots people, have to send to the Board of Health e-mails and written letters saying “Stop adding the fluoride supplement now.”

Write your letter today, Rockporters, go to Town Meeting in September and vote in November.

It is your health we are concerned about.