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Letter | We should be looking closer at fluoride facts

Source: Oberon Review | February 18th, 2018 | By Chris Freeman
Location: Australia

FELLOW residents, I’m a little worried. Having waded through the National Health and Medical Research Council’s (NHMRC) much-touted cornerstone documentation into fluoridation, I’ve gone on to research a highly critical review of that reporting prepared by Merilyn Haines of Fluoride Action Network (FAN) Australia. Her review, written in August last year, has identified over 20 major issues that bear greater scrutiny if this 2017 reporting by the NHMRC is be taken seriously by decision-makers. FAN is publicly calling for a Royal Commission into the NHMRC as a result. Don’t shoot the messenger.

If these NHMRC products are what state health, the Oberon Health Council and other parties are relying on to push the fluoridation agenda, then I feel there is good reason to worry.  Ignoring established and new scientific data because it fails to pass obviously restrictive entry criteria only fuels the counter-narrative and adds to suspicion; particularly when it is irrefutable data that does not support the official agenda. There’s something definitely not right about this whole affair and decision-makers should carefully consider their next move. The legal repercussions alone should cause concern. If you can chew through it, Mr Mills, and find me a reason not to worry, I’ll buy the first two rounds.

The old paradigm of innocuously adding a heavily propagandised industrial waste product to the water supply to medically treat the unwitting population has clearly run its course; as it already has for arsenic, mercury, barium and lead (all of which comes with industrial grade fluoride). The official product – S6 Fluorocilic Acid [H2SiF6] and DiSodium Hexafluorosilicate [Na2SiF6] – should not be in our bodies at any level. It’s useful on the teeth as pharmaceutical grade fluoride only, then spat out! That’s it! (Hint: Poison warning on tube.) Trace amounts, dear people. It accumulates. Nothing nutritious or good about any of these waste products in the body. Time for us all to collectively face the music. Aren’t we sick enough? When we dwell in truth things only get better.

Chris Freeman

*Original letter published online at https://www.oberonreview.com.au/story/5227594/letter-we-should-be-looking-closer-at-fluoride-facts/