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Letter | Why doesn’t Oberon have a full-time dentist?

Source: Oberon Review | July 15th, 2018 | By Janet Poole
Location: Australia

IN response to the pro-fluoride letter on June 28 by V Clark-Ferraino, the truth is that Colgate University and Manchester University have promoted fluoride products for over 40 years and they established the Cochrane Collaboration. Colgate provided infrastructure as well as academic salaries and prizes associated with the Trendley Dean Medal. Despite this, Cochrane Collaboration has found that fluoride toothpaste less than 1000 ppm and fluoride varnishes provide no benefit compared to non-fluoridated products. So how can 1 ppm in water passing through the mouth in a matter of seconds possibly help?

I repeat the Cochrane Fluoridation findings: “There is very little contemporary evidence, meeting the review’s inclusion criteria, that has evaluated the effectiveness of water fluoridation for the prevention of caries.” https://bit.ly/2LM85ph (2015). Colgate is now promoting fluoride-free toothpaste for children under six, and some of its competitors warn not to use fluoride for any child under 12.

Local proof that water fluoridation does not work comes from NSW public servants (that’s correct, fluoride does not work. My apologies, it’s just that we obviously need repetition). Tamworth in NSW has been fluoridated for 55 years and is experiencing rampant tooth decay. This was the headline in The Land and The Northern Daily Leader: “Rot is setting in – tooth decay rife among Tamworth kids.” Dental hygienist Mandy Sorensen said: “There is definitely an increase in the decay rate and we do see some pretty nasty cases.” A report released by Adelaide University found that 40 per cent of Tamworth children in primary school aged five to 10 years had decay in their baby teeth. (Haley Sheridan, May 2016).

To think Oberon does not have a full-time dentist. If we had such enormous decay rates as Bathurst dentists would have us believe, then our population numbers would require at least one full-time dentist, but we don’t because there is not enough work.

The very same NSW Health people promoting fluoridation to Oberon in 2014, ie Dr Shanti Sivaneswaran, published a paper that basically says children in fluoridated areas had 1.5 times the damaged permanent teeth compared to non-fluoridated areas. That’s how crazy this gets. Their conclusion was: “Gender, water fluoridation, Aboriginal status and parental education were not significant predictors of caries experience.” (Zander et al 2013).

More good news for those against water fluoridation: last week’s NZ Supreme Court ruling, confirming the 1964 ruling of Justice Gillard in Victoria, that fluoride is mass-medication, supports what those of us against water fluoridation have repeatedly said from our very first letters to the editor. Fluoride is a medication and mass-medication is in breach of human rights.

Janet Poole

*Original letter online at https://www.oberonreview.com.au/story/5521483/letter-why-doesnt-oberon-have-a-full-time-dentist/