To the editor:

Dr. Paul Connett’s lectures on fluoride and fluoridation given at the Rockport High School on the weekend of Aug. 2-3 were inspirational and informative.

As Dr. Connett predicted, those in the audience who did not agree with him — although given ample time to refute his scientific facts right there on the spot — chose not to do so in person, but waited until he was safely out of town before going on the attack.

The question-and-answer period after each lecture lasted almost as long as the lectures themselves, but no one stepped up to the plate to challenge Dr. Connett on the science.

Over 70 invitations went out to doctors, dentists and other professionals on Cape Ann and beyond. It was advertised in the paper and on posters, handed out as flyers, inviting all pro-fluoridationists to come and state their case. Especially invited for the second night, yet not one pro-fluoridationist spoke up.

Dr. Connett instructed the moderator to allow them an hour of time if they wanted it. Nevertheless, as predicted, attacks against Dr. Connett began after he was no longer available to reply.

If pro-fluoridationists truly believed they’re on firm scientific footing, either in terms of the safety or effectiveness of fluoridation, they’d have gladly used Sunday Aug. 3 as a platform to challenge Dr. Connett. However, they lack the courage of their convictions.

After all, they can’t refute the science, because it appears science is not on their side.